Digital Publishing

Digital Humanities has taken on a different and refined look over the years. Ten years ago, (I can’t believe it was that long ago) I began working on digital history as a part of my master’s and doctoral work. I was fortunate to have two of the best digital historians as mentors. Will Thomas and Doug Seefeldt served as instructors to the first of its kind course on digital history.
That course whetted my appetite for doing digital work and led to projects on Western Railroads, Civil War contraband, and Civil War Washington. As a historian at Northwest Missouri State, my courses have all taken on part of the digital history component that was so intriguing to me as a student.
In the next few days, we will unveil the next step in digital history at Northwest Missouri State University. I and Dr. Dawn Gilley are editing the first edition of Scholastica, an undergraduate research journal in the humanities. This journal aims to be an outlet for the wide array of undergraduate research and writing. As a digital piece, it provides a connection to future born-digital student projects.

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